Council Meeting, September, 2015

Christ, Our Light! Parish

Pastoral Council Meeting

MINUTES September 15,

2015 7:00PM




Meeting called by Father Don Demmer

Chairperson Jerry Rauch

Vice-Chairperson Mike Parker

Secretary Pat Dobosenski


Paul Bozymowski, Pat Dobosenski, Judy Kline, Mike

Parker, Jerry Rauch, Tony DiMarco, Beth Gooch, and

Mike Dobosenski

Absent Jack Alfes and Lori Andrzejewski,

I. Opening Prayer by Father Don and Welcome

1. Pastor’s Report- Father reviewed the finances of the parish briefly. Since

the sale of St. Columban’s we have spent approximately one-fourth of

it. (The AOD has since requested that we give them 25% of the monies

but it was not part of the original agreement so it is not part of the

immediate plan.) We were told the money from the sale was ours. Thus

our budget has not been approved by the AOD. (Last year’s budget was

also not approved.) The Chancellor has to approve all expenditures

above $25,000. Still waiting to be finished/approved are completion of

landscaping, the building of a new, 2-car garage, parking lot spaces,

bathrooms, and doors to outside from church. Father figures these

things will progress before winter. Picnic costs… about $7000 including

tent rental, table and chair rental, band, etc. This picnic is not a fund

raiser but a public relations effort. He referred to the end of summer

letter all registered parishioners received last week. It included that Carol

Chupka has left as our business manager because of a new AOD system

which does much of the work. Bill has been hired to work 10+ hours per

week to get other financial things taken care of. Karen Roush helped with

the interview process. Betty has left for St. Vincent Ferrer to lead their

Religious Ed program. We have an opening for the Christian Service and

Evangelization programs at Christ, Our Light! Judy asked about the

Women’s Night of Reflection and if that program would be

continued. Father said that yes, it would. He needs a volunteer for

that. There are also 3 parties being planned for the next few months…

October social, New Year’s Eve Party, St. Patrick’s Day Party. The

Motor City Brass will play for a special concert in December too. The

other parties will involve the music ministers from Christ, Our Light! Bob

Mervak is looking for appropriate groups. Tony asked how many

families were now in the parish. Father’s answer is “about


2. Commission Reports



Education Commission Minutes

September 2015

Religious Education

Young Adult Group: (Kaitlin Popielarz)

We learned that Kaitlin will be working on her PhD this fall

and that the class meets on Tuesday nights. She has

officially asked to be removed from the Council but would

like to remain as organizer of the Young Adult Group. The

Council wishes Kaitlin well in her graduate work and is

happy she wants to maintain her involvement with the

Young Adults’ Group.

Beth Gooch gave a report but will email the report in its

entirety. That written report will be added to these minutes

when it is received and will be sent out to Council members.

B. Evangelization


* No report



D. Vicarate Report

• No report

E. Finance Report

• No report

1. New Business- Pat mentioned that Connie Courtney teaches in Detroit and collects

Campbell Soup Labels for equipment for her students. It would be an easy thing for

others to collect the soup labels, put them in a box on the counter, and contribute them to

her school. Pat asked if an article could be put in the church paper and a collection box

be set up for Connie. Then Box Tops for Education were mentioned. There are many

schools that collect these but if people need a place to bring them, we could set up a

collection box for these and then distribute them to area schools attended by our

children. Then we talked about the registrations at Target, Meijers, and Kroger. We

need to make parishioners aware of these places where we shop and their generous

offer to give back a portion of what we spend. Many parishioners are registered with

these stores and Christ, Our Light! is the designated recipient. Pat will look into this with


2. Closing prayer by Father Don

3. Meeting adjourned at 7:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Dobosenski