Council Meeting, October, 2015

Christ, Our Light! Parish

Pastoral Council Meeting

MINUTES October 20,


Meeting called by Father Don Demmer

Chairperson Jerry Rauch

Vice-Chairperson Mike Parker

Secretary Pat Dobosenski


Jack Alfes, Pat Dobosenski, Judy Kline, Mike Parker, Jerry

Rauch, Teresa Ulrich, Don Farrell, Marcia Ouellette,

Malisa Burt, and Paul Burke

Absent Lori Andrzejewski and Paul Bozymowski

1. I. Opening Prayer by Father Don and Welcome

2. Approval of Minutes- passed

3. Introduction of new Commission member, Teresa Ulrich. She is taking

the place of Kaitlin Popielarz. The council happily welcomed Teresa.

4. Old Business- A. Synod, November 18-20, 2016 Detroit,

Michigan. Jerry summarized the purpose of the Synod as a path to

change how we do things in the Archdiocese. The Archbishop will

make changes in 2017 depending on what the Synod shows in

2016. There are three themes for the 2016 Synod under the heading

of Evangelization. They are Encounter, Grow, and Witness. The

Archdiocese is asking each parish to send three representatives to the

Synod. These representatives will attend dialog sessions to discuss

things “impacting” their parish. Through this Synod there will be

opportunities to recommend changes to the Archdiocese as to how

things are accomplished within the diocese. B. Jerry and Father

spoke briefly on the Amazing Parish opportunity. This will be held

April 18-20, 2016. Our participation is required. The gathering is

designed to provide tools to invigorate parishes. Cost is $1000 per

parish to attend the conference in Denver. There will be more

discussion about both of these events in the future.

5. V. Commission Reports


Updates Education Commission Minutes

October 2015

Religious Education(JoAnn Bonahoom)

Monday night religious formation classes opened on

Monday, September 21.

Our program runs from 6PM – 7:30PM. We have 103

students enrolled this year. (We are growing)

• High School Confirmation students meet on selected

Sundays from 3-5PM this fall. On Saturday, October

17, their retreat will be held at Christ, Our Light!. This

is an all-day retreat and will be facilitated by Mike

Chamberland from the AOD’s Youth and Young Adult

Ministry Program.

• Circle of Grace, the age-appropriate, safe

environment program was presented for all

classrooms, grades 1-8, on Monday, September 28.

• Our first family gathering for All Saints Day will be

held on Monday, October 26, from 6:30-7:30. This is

a team-building experience where students from

each class present a skit or informational talk about a

saint to the rest of the students and families. This

year’s theme is “The Holy People of the Old


• Parents of students who are preparing for First

Reconciliation will meet with Father Demmer on

Thursday, October 22, at 7PM in the

Church. Materials and home study plans will be

distributed at that time.

• Pre-school classes for children age 3-6 began on

October 4, 2015. About 17 children have

enrolled. Classes are based on the Sunday Gospel

and meet during 9:30AM and 11AM Mass.



• At our meeting, commission members offered to help

with some of the Christian Service initiatives. Malisa

Burt will coordinate the Halloween Candy drive with

SHMS. The youth group has volunteered to sponsor

the Valentine tree

• Religious Ed students will participate in Thanksgiving

and Christmas Giving Tree

Family Life

Children’s Liturgy of The Word (11am Mass): (Beth


Began September 27th with much enthusiasm and an

average of 10 children in attendance a each week. (Beth

Gooch & Joann Bonahoom will train members of the

community who have voiced an interest in leading this

program, including members of the youth group.)

Family Fun Fridays: (Quarterly, Friday 7pm):

The Commission is seeking a family to assist in hosting our

next event, date TBA.

Vacation Bible School (7/18-7/22/16, 9am-12noon):

Good Friday Bible School: (03/25/16) 12-3pm Topic TBA

High School Youth Ministry: (Every other Sunday, 6-

8pm) (Elaine Cervera)

The High School youth group kicked off the fall session

September 27th. We began with prayer and enjoyed they

typical fare of Pizza, soda and snacks. After the meal we

headed outside to play giant Jenga, Corn hole and capture

the flag. There were 12 teens in attendance.

We will continue to meet Bi-monthly for the time being. We

will occasionally meet weekly when needed. We’re planning

on working with the H.S. Youth group from Guardian Angels

in Clawson for weekly meetings as they too meet bimonthly.

The hope is that the two groups combined will

provide an opportunity for teens from both parishes to attend

weekly meetings regularly.

The Youth Group is preparing for the upcoming National

Youth Conference Nov. 19-22nd in Indianapolis, IN. There will

be 5 teens and 1 adult attending the three day

conference. We’re looking forward to the classes, worship

music and the fellowship of over 20,000 other teens! We will

be traveling along with dozens of other Youth Groups from

the AOD.

Young Adult Ministry- Kaitlin Popielarz will continue to

promote this group and will report to the Education


B. Evangelization



• Bible & Bagels (The Bible Timeline: the story of

salvation) has been well attended on Wednesday

mornings with discussions after the DVD.

• Protecting God’s Children (PGC) was offered on

September 24 to those adults working with and

around children to increase awareness of

inappropriate interactions between adults and

children in social settings. The speaker and DVD

were very informative.

• Sunday Coffee & Donuts after 9:30 and 11AM

Masses resumed and are well appreciated by

children and adults.

• Right to Life was represented by walking and praying

outside the Planned Parenthood building in Ferndale

for these 40 days. Our day is Monday.

• The flu clinic was offered after masses on the

weekend of September 26 & 27.

• On October 3rd, Father Demmer had the annual

Blessing of the Pets inside the church because of

cool rain. The numerous animals were very quiet.

• The Thursday coffee and goodies after the morning

Mass was well attended under the umbrellas until the

weather turned colder.

• The generosity of the church members for the funeral

masses is well appreciated by the families and our

funeral luncheon committee.

• We are planning the bagging of Halloween candy on

Monday, October 26, to be given to Sacred Heart

Seminary on September 27.

• Plans are under way for the Thanksgiving basket

donations, Christmas giving tree and hat, mitten,

scarf, and blanket drive.

• Upcoming events include, the Veterans Day liturgy,

the Women’s Night of Reflection on December 10, an

evening reception to celebrate All Souls’ Day is

planned for 7PM on November 2. (No religious ed

classes will be held that evening)

• Right to Life Christmas cards will be on sale after

Saturday and Sunday Masses beginning November


Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Ouellette

C. Vicarate Report

• See attached.

D. Finance Report

• Paul Burke from the Finance Commission attended the

Council meeting. Here is a summary of what he

said. The previous 6-member commission (three

members of St. Columban’s and three members of St.

Alan’s) has changed their membership. They will now

consist of 5 members. Three recently transitioned off

and were replaced by two members. The three who

stayed will be transitioned off the next rotation and be

replaced by three others.

• At the September 29th meeting, the group reviewed the

year end financial reports and monitored the work Bill,

the bookkeeper, has done to transition to the new

Diocesan system.

• At the October 13th meeting, the group reviewed the

1st quarter books. Our cash position is strong. The

proposed improvements/projects proposed by Father are


1. Pastor’s Remarks- We are in the second phase of landscaping. The storage garage

should be finished next week. The contents of the rectory basement plus tables and

chairs and the music files will be stored in this unheated building. The covered walkway

to the main building will be completed next spring as will the parking lot. After

Christmas, improvements on the two bathrooms by the Glouchester side door will be

completed. This spring, the fascia on the building will be taken care of. We haven’t

drawn on savings for these projects. Those who wished to stay were given a glimpse of

the storage facility and the covered walkway area and the proposed parking lot drive to

the walkway.

2. Closing prayer by Father Don

3. Meeting adjourned at 7:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Dobosenski