Council Meeting, May, 2015

Christ, Our Light! Parish

Pastoral Council Meeting

MINUTES May 26, 2015 7:00PM




Meeting called by Father Don Demmer

Chairperson Jerry Rauch

Vice-Chairperson Mike Parker

Secretary Pat Dobosenski


Paul Bozymowski, Pat Dobosenski, Judy Kline, Mike

Parker, Kaitlin Popielarz, Marcia Ouellette, and Mike


Absent Jack Alfes, Lori Andrzejewski, Jerry Rauch

I. Opening Prayer by Father Don and Welcome

1. Pastor’s Report- Father Don explained that he has made some changes

with the office staff and the custodial staff. Carol Chupka will not be

doing her previous job, as office manager, because a payroll company,

that the Archdiocese uses, will do a lot of what she was doing. There will

still be the need for a part time (10 hours per week) person. Father said

Carol should have no problem finding another job. She has a good

reputation and has certainly been an asset to our parish. Some of the

money from Carol’s former salary will go toward hiring a Maintenance

person. He/she will take care of sidewalks in winter (not the parking lot)

and starting next spring will do all of the mowing too. Russ Ehrke and

company will not be employed here since we will have a full time

maintenance person. (He said Russ has more responsibility now with

Eton Academy doubling in size and Sacred Heart of the Hills, where he is

also employed.) Father Don told the council that even with the budget

spending he has proposed and which should be finalized for our approval

sometime next week, we still will have $85,000 left of the money from the

sale of St. Columban’s. That money cannot be spent on the day-to-day

running of the parish. It is for improvements on the building and

grounds. The wall around the sign has been completed. There will be a

wall by the church driveway too. The plantings in the gardens, parking

lot, bathrooms, facia, etc. all need to be approved in the budget before

the process can be started. This process should begin in the next two

weeks. A proposed storage garage is under consideration since we will

have need for a place for the snow removal and lawn mowing equipment

the church will be purchasing. The Finance Committee will meet next

Tuesday and the Council will be notified to come and read the budget

and then approve it. Father reported that the website is updated daily

and has funerals listed along with other important, current information. EBlasts

sign up is still being prepared but hopefully people will be able to

sign up for this soon. The minutes are also found on line and archiving of

minutes over 1 year old.

1. Commission Reports

A. education commission


Education Commission Minutes

May 2015

Religious Education (JoAnn Bonahoom)

The main focus of our Religious Education program for

April/May was the preparation for First Holy

Communion. Five students received their First Eucharist

on Sunday, April 26, at the 11AM Mass. Our formal First

Eucharist Mass was held on Saturday, May 2, at a special

10AM Mass. Fourteen students received First Communion

on that day and a reception followed in the social hall.

On Thursday, April 23, the religious education and

youth ministry group hosted an AOD presentation on

“Passing On the Faith” for parents. About 22

attended. Our speaker was Laura Piccone Hanchen from

the office of youth ministry. Parents were very enthusiastic

about the topic and are in the stages of starting a parent

support group around the idea of “how to pass the faith

onto our children”.

May 4th was our last Monday night class for grades 1-8

and we celebrated with a May Crowning in the

church. Families were invited. Children were very reverent

and receptive which was a fine note on which to end our

year. After the service, children enjoyed an ice cream treat

and initiated the new play area (except the areas sealed off

in orange).

On Monday, May 11, catechists met for a wrap-up

meeting and dinner. We reviewed the program and

discussed our successes and challenges during the

formation year. Our catechetical team was excellent and

Spirit-filled. We pray they will return to us next year.

Sunday, May 17, will be our last Sunday preschool

gathering during 9:30 and 11AM Masses. The children

wanted to check out the new play structure to celebrate

their last day. Thank you to our high school students Karen

Crile and Reilly Carr for their service to our young ones.

Monday, May 18, parents of Confirmation students will

meet with religious education department to discuss

summer initiatives for students preparing for the Sacrament

of Confirmation in November 2015 at 7PM.

Family Life

Family Fun Fridays: (Quarterly, Friday 7pm): next event

will take place in June, TBA Vacation Bible

School: (7/13-7/17/15, 9am-12noon)

Setdesign with Shrine has begun the theme is

“Everest”. We are in need of refrigerator boxes, carpet

tubes, donated hiking equipment/props and volunteers

interested in paper cutting activities and sewing rod

pockets on small base camp flags. Registration set for


Good Friday Bible School:(4/3/15, 12-


This year was well attended with 30 participants & 12

volunteers. Projects and activities were related to

theme: “Forgiveness”.

Youth Ministry: : (Elaine Cervera)

May 17th: Youth Meeting 5pm-7pm (8th Grade students


May 24th: Youth Field Trip @ Fr. Solanus Casey Center

Young Adult Group: (Kaitlin Popielarz)

Theology on Tap … The D Friday, May 8 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Traffic Jam and Snug. Almost 100 young adults gathered

for an evening of faith, fellowship, fantastic speakers, and

food. May featured a panel of religious to discuss The Year

of Consecrated Life. On May 10th, the Young Adult Group

had an informal gathering after the 9:30 am and 11:00 am

Masses as a great opportunity to say hello, network, and

meet other young adults in our parish community. Kaitlin

added at the meeting that she had been contacted by

parishioners, and friends of parishioners, and had

increased the Facebook page. This demonstrates an

increased interest in a Young Adults Group at Christ, Our

Light! She mentioned that Christ the King in Ann Arbor has

a young adults program that is streamed. It will be shown

at St. Hugo’s of the Hills so the Christ, Our Light! young

adults will join the St. Hugo people for dinner and

viewing. St. Anastasia has also contacted Kaitlin about

doing things with our group.

B. Evangelization



May 14, 2015

A. At the May 14th meeting 35 people attended to listen to

Deacon Mark Springer speak on “The Spirit Within”. They

celebrated the Pentecost Season and had a song of

reflection. People can order the DVD “Breathe”

B. On May 20th about 15 women celebrated the Women’s

Day of Reflection. Those attending saw the DVD “Getting

You on the Right Track” by Kelly Shook.

C. Many attended the May Crowning led by the Religious

Education and Special Needs’ Students.

D. This next Sunday, May 31st will be the last for the

“Donut Ministry” until fall.

E. Many folks have helped by bringing dishes and/or

serving at the funeral masses. “All you have to do is ask”,

Marcia says. It is very helpful to have the tables set up

before the luncheon.

F. Our Christian Service Committee helped stuff

envelopes for the CSA.

G. Marcia said she gets many questions about services in

the area or requests for help. She wants to better be able

to fill these needs and help others. Father told her that the

diocese has a Christian Service directory that could be

helpful. She will check into that.

C. Worship No


D. Vicarate Report

• No report

E. Finance Report

• No report

1. New business: 1.) Pat said a parishioner asked about the possibility of having the

stained glass windows from St. Columban put in the church on the beige walls between

the stations. They could be backlit like the one in the center. Father responded that the

stained glass in the windows already in the church and the St. Columban windows would

not look good together. He did say that those windows will be going into the great room

eventually. 2. Pat mentioned that a couple parishioners asked why there were no

elections on Pentecost as in the past. The word is that next Pentecost there will be

elections for half of the members on the present council. Some council members will

serve for 2 years and others for 3 years so that new people can join an existing group of

council members each year. This is a transition year seeing that all members of the past

council had served longer because of the clustering.

2. Closing prayer by Father Don

3. Meeting adjourned at 7:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Dobosenski