Council Meeting, March, 2015

Christ, Our Light! Parish Pastoral

Council Meeting

MINUTES March 17, 2015 7:00PM CHRIST, OUR


Meeting called by Father Don Demmer

Chairperson Jerry Rauch

Vice-Chairperson Mike Parker

Secretary Pat Dobosenski


Jack Alfes, Lori Andrzejewski, Paul Bozymowski, Pat

Dobosenski, Judy Kline, Mike Parker, Kaitlin Popielarz, Jerry

Rauch, Malisa Burt, Don Farrell, Tony DiMarco, Marcia Ouellette


I. Opening Prayer by Father Don and Welcome

II. Approval of February Minutes- Move to approve by Mike Parker, seconded

and passed.

1. Old Business- A.) Discussion of Email Blasts and/or constant update of

website. After much discussion it was decided Christ, Our Light! should

pursue offering an Email Blast from the office personnel to those who sign up

for this information from the congregation. The information would be the

activities going on around the church as well as obituaries of parishioners as

the church is notified. Malisa will contact Beth Gooch to see if she has

information on how these email blasts are accomplished at her children’s

schools. We didn’t decide how often this would be sent out but will wait until

we know more. What was decided is that we should have this kind of

communication for those wanting it. Father asked that it be noted that

presently the website cannot be archived. The site manager is checking into

this so a history of what we put on the site can be stored. B.) Mission

Statement- Lori said she had looked at mission statements from other

churches. She worked with the statement Jerry had sent out and came up

with one we all agreed sounded good. She will print it out for our review and

we will continue this discussion at the April meeting.

IV. Parish Council Member reports: Young Adult Group Minutes March 2015

The YAG hosted The Bob Mervak Trio on Saturday, 2/28. There were three young

adults who attended but a handful of parishioners (of all ages!) who came out to the

event. Although we were meager in numbers, Bob was incredibly happy to have the


I have been asking for feedback from feeds and parishioners on how to best grow our

YAG. It seems like social events or bible studies may put too much pressure on our

young adults. These events may be more welcome later on once we have a stable

base. I would like to propose an idea for the YAG to host either a speaker or DVD

viewing relating to a specific Catholic topic.

Ideas include:

• Chris Gawell to speak on being a young adult in Metro Detroit

• View and discuss episode of Catholicism series by Fr. Robert Barron

• View and discuss DVD on the life of Pope Francis

Other suggestions or ideas are most welcome!

V. Commission Reports

A. education commission


Education Commission Minutes

March 2015

Religious Education (JoAnn Bonahoom)

In Religious Education classes, we have been focusing

on Lent and the Catholic traditions surrounding the season. We are

working on the practice of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Students

are participating in CRS Rice Bowl and families have been very

generous. We are discussing giving up distractions that keep us from

prayer rather than food items.

On Monday, March 16, families will be invited to gather for

Stations of the Cross at 7PM. Students will have class from 6 - 7PM

and then will gather to participate in the Stations led by their

teachers. Our final week in March will be spent learning about Holy

Week and Easter. Three of our students will be baptized this Spring,

two of them at the Easter Vigil. Classes will not be in session March

30 or April 6.

First Eucharist preparation is also in progress during

March. Parents are catechizing their children to prepare them for the

sacrament of First Eucharist. Parents met with Father on March 5

and will meet with our staff on Tuesday, March 10 and Saturday,

March 28, along with their students for prayer, preparation and

Eucharist-related activities.

Family Life (Malisa Burt/Beth Gooch)

Elementary/ Liturgy of the Word For Children (11am Mass):

Rotating parent/teen leaders can use SignUp Genius or contact Beth


Family Fun Fridays (Quarterly, Friday 7pm):

The next event will take place in May, date TBA

Vacation Bible School:

Setdesign with Shrine has begun, the theme is “Everest”

Good Friday Bible School (4/3/15, 12-


Planning is underway. This year’s theme will be “Forgiveness”. We

will follow the summer VBS template, with a set rotation

schedule. Registration, activities, veneration and snack will all

remain the same In parish registration will begin, March 15. Out of

Parish March 22, Registration will close March 29th. All participants

must pre register

Youth Ministry: (Elaine


March 8th- Had our bi-monthly meeting with teens. The teens

made posters for the upcoming World Water Day event with A Vision

for Clean Water. The teens will be helping at the event along with

the teens from the youth group at St. Mary’s. One of the posters

made by the teens will be selected as a “winner” and will be used by

AVCW as the new logo for the non-profit group.

We also held a meeting for teens and parents to share

information regarding the upcoming National Catholic Youth

Conference held in Indianapolis in November of this year. We have

6 teens that have confirmed attendance.

Mar. 22nd: Vision for Clean Water event held from

12:15-2:30pm Teens can earn service hours at this event.

Mar. 22nd: Field Trip-Laser Tag 5pm-7pm Location still


Mar. 27th: Field Trip-Lenten supper & Concert with

Jackie Francois

@ St. Fabian Church

B. Evangelization



MARCH 09, 2015

Four members of our commission attended the Christian Service


Association meeting on February 24th, at Sacred Heart Seminary.

The topic was

Christian service in Diverse communities guided by St. Paul’s

lessons on Evangelization. A variety of parish types were discussed

and ways were offered to welcome new members. Culture aspects

and ways of prayer were identified in the merging of Christ, Our

Light! Thanks to Marcia Ouellette, Fran Stage, Catherine Cushing

and Karen Roush for their participation.

The Wee Care Baby Shower was a giant success. The generosity of

the parishioners was shown in the numerous baby gifts given out of

love and care. The baby bottle collection netted over two thousand

dollars. The twenty who attended the shower enjoyed a meal,

games, and guest speaker from Life Span. Thank you to Marcia

Ouellette, Lillian Grant, Fran Stage, Stefanie Lawler and Betty

Sheehan for their organizational skills.

The Friday Lenten soup lunches served after Mass are well attended

and offer a welcome atmosphere for sharing hospitality.

The Adult Bible Study concluded its four week series on St.

Augustine. The series was thoroughly enjoyed by the 24 in


Easter baskets have been placed in the gathering area for

parishioners to take home and fill with assorted items needed by

adult men, adult women and children. They will be distributed during

Holy Week. The Easter egg tree can be found in the back of the

church and parishioners can choose to send cards to the names of

the homebound and ill posted on the hanging eggs.

On March 5th. Father Donald Demmer and Paul Bozymowski

conducted a meeting to discuss the book Rediscovering Catholicism;

a book freely given to each parishioner over the Christmas

Holiday. Great interest was shown and further discussions are being


The next Evangelization Gathering will be held on Thursday, March

12, 2015 at 6:30 P.M. in Christ, Our Light! Social Hall. We will begin

with light meal, prayer, and the focus of our evening will center on







on the 47


in the




at the

family. J

erry is a


of the





made up

of 28


from the various parishes in the Archdiocese. Nine members are open positions at

large. The Archbishop considers this an advisory group of lay people. As for the survey,

Jerry summarized that the trend seem to be going toward “inclusive, non-judgmental, and

a loving acceptance of others”. This is directly in keeping with what Pope Francis is

exemplifying too.

2. Pastor’s remarks: Father Don wanted to bring us up to date about the proposed

spending of funds for the church this summer. He feels we should budget the money we

have to make a beautiful and comfortable home for us at Christ, Our Light! We are not

looking for something grandiose but warm and friendly. Under consideration

are: 1.) The remodeling of the men’s and women’s

bathrooms across from the office. They would be reconfigured. The proposal is for them

to have entrances off of the vestibule and be tiled and wheelchair accessible. Cost…

approximately $40,000- $50,000 each. 2.) Landscaping would involve four different

areas. First is the entrance off Coolidge with a short wall around the sign, some tree

planting to replace some older trees, and some flowering trees/bushes there. Second, is

the berm off of Glouchester to the west of the garden area. Trees and bushes would

provide a screen for people who want some prayer space within the garden. Thirdly, the

area to the east of the loading zone. The plan is to put trees and bushes here to beautify

this area. Fourth is the playground area. The equipment has already been


Respectfully submitted by Marcia Ouellette and Betty Sheehan


Don reported that Holy week is all planned. The 9:30

choir and 11 o’clock choir will sing together at Holy

Thursday mass and at Easter Vigil. He also reported

that the Wednesday 6 p.m. mass is quite

popular. There is consideration about possibly

canceling the weekly Wednesday morning mass and

keeping the Wednesday evening mass.

D. Vicarate Report


• Tony and Don talked about the production of The Cross and

the Light Concert Experience which will be performed at

various churches in the area, the closest one being St. Hugo

of the Hills. There are various dates in April and

May. Information can be found at Tony

highly recommends parishioners attend.

• Tony commented that the Vicariate is concerned about

vocations. It is a difficult job. The Vicariate will be meeting

at various churches in the area. Christ, Our Light! will host

the meeting on April 28th.

purchased. The area needs to be prepared and the equipment installed. Total cost for

these landscaping items is around $80,000 3.) Replacing the present parking lot and

adding a few more spaces. This is an expensive proposition but has not been done since

the asphalt was first in place to form the present parking lot. It has been patched and

sealed several times. Estimated cost: $500,000 to $600,000. 4.) The facade around the

roof line around the exterior of the classroom wing and social hall should be replaced to

match the facade around the church. Cost: $20,00- $30,000. The council members

asked questions about the improvements and then approved proceeding with plans and

pricing for the improvements mentioned above.

3. Closing prayer by Father Don

4. IX. Meeting adjourned at 8:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Dobosenski