Council Meeting, June, 2018

Christ, Our Light!

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Attendees:     Father Don, Marcia Ouellette, Tony DiMarco, Teresa Ulrich, Judy Kline, Beth Gooch,

                       Tony Gallucci, Mike Parker

7:00-7:05         Meeting opened with a prayer.


7:05-7:10         A motion to accept the October 2017 Minutes as written was made by Tony Gallucci.

                       The Motion was seconded by Judy Kline.

                         October 2017 Council Meeting Minutes approved.

7:10-7:20         Old Business:

The Welcoming Committee was implemented the first full weekend of December 2017. They have been every first full weekend since with a positive response overall. It was agreed that due to the Church 5th year Anniversary Party conflicting weekend, and the upcoming July 4th Holiday vacation schedule, we would not have a Welcoming Event those two months. We will resume on the first full weekend of August.


7:20-7:35         Commission Reports:


                               The individual reports will be forwarded to the office for record.


  • Education
  • Religious Ed
  • Family Life for most families.
  • Youth Ministry
  • Evangelization
  • Worship
  • Vicariate  - Tony DiMarco reported that the Vicariate has money available to the individual Parishes for purpose of outreach. Father Don was reluctant to use these funds as currently Christ Our Light is in a good financial condition and the funds would be better used by Parishes that are in more financial need.


  • Pastors Report – Father Don made the following points:


-The Anniversary Party was a success, with attendance at almost 350 people. The Hall was limited at 400.

-The annual budget has been submitted. Not yet approved.

-The two remaining renovation projects are the replacement of the 5 rooftop HVAC units at an estimated expense of $100, with the front expansion estimated at $250/$300K. The expansion plans have been drawn and the City of Troy will need to approve.

- The CSA commitment to the AOD has been met and exceeded.



7:35-7:45     New Business:


  • New Parish Council Elections:


Father will appoint 3 new people to serve in the interim, to fill the vacant positions on the Council. We will have new elections next year at Pentecost Sunday, as is traditional.


  • Live Shooter Discussion:


A query was made by a parishioner about if we could have a program at Christ Our Light to determine what to do in case of a Live Shooter situation. Father had previously explored this with the City of Troy and found the only program was a series of two, five hour long classes. It was agreed that this would not be practical for Christ Our Light, but we do have available a one hour long YouTube ( video that can be viewed by interested parties on their own. This YouTube link will be published in the Weekly Bulletin.


   7:45          A motion to adjourn was made by Tony Gallucci.

                     The motion was seconded by Judy Kline.


                    Final Blessing and Adjournment