Council Meeting, January, 2015

Christ, Our Light! Parish

Pastoral Council Meeting

MINUTES January 27,


Meeting called by Father Don Demmer





Jack Alfes, Pat Dobosenski, Judy Kline, Mike Parker, Kaitlin

Popielarz, Lori Andrzejewski, Marcia Ouellette, Karen

Roush, Linda Capp, Beth Gooch, Tony DiMarco

Absent Paul Bozymowski and Jerry Rauch

1. I. Opening Prayer by Father Don and Father’s Report- Father

gave information about the Finance Commission to both the Parish

Council and the Finance Commission. Both groups were meeting

together initially. He reported that we had recently passed the

diocesan audit. He mentioned the following things that had been

accomplished since July… landscaping, garden statues, stations of

the cross, parking lot resurfacing, new roof with air conditioning units,

caulking of windows, boiler removal, new tables and chairs, portable

walls acquired, etc. When the Finance Commission members left, our

first order of business was to elect Chairperson- Jerry Rauch, Vice-

Chairperson- Mike Parker, and Secretary- Pat Dobosenski.

1. II. Parish Council Member reports: 1. Kaitlin Popielarz reported

that the Young Couples or Singles Group (ages 18-35) had had a

couple of events and was planning more. She said Chris Gautwell

from the Archdiocese would be passing along activities that would

include our Young (18-35 age) group. There are groups meeting with

a “Theology on Tap” theme that they hoped to encourage. Kaitlin

wants to hand out flyers to young people at masses and be more

personal about her invitation to join this group. Father said that would

be fine. Maybe even putting an announcement on the electronic sign

on Coolidge would draw some more people in. She mentioned that

Bob Mervak, Isabel Mervak, and Jim Nelson would be at the Onyx in

Royal Oak on February 28th and this group would like to encourage

others to meet there. Beth suggested that Kaitlin contact Renee

Sardu, a Christ, Our Light! member but youth minister from St. Mary’s,

about other ideas for the new group.

1. Commission Reports

A. education



Beth Gooch presented the following from Joann Bonahoom-

Religious Education:

• Celebration of the Christmas Nativity on

12/15/14. Grades 1-7 led the sing-a-long. Grade 8

performed the Christmas story. Grades 1-2 sang the

final song. A great time was had by all.

• Students were out for the Christmas holiday 12/15/14-

1/5/15 and then observed the MLK day with a break.

• Parents of those making their Confirmation will attend

a meeting 1/26/15 with Father Don. Confirmation is

scheduled for October or November of 2015

• Family Life Beth and Malisa are looking for adult or

teens for Sunday 11 a.m. mass Liturgy of the Word

leaders for the children.

• Family Fun Fridays (2nd Fridays of the month, 7 p.m.)

The “no rehearsal, sing-along style” narration of the

Nativity on December 5th was enjoyed by all with

almost 40 children participating. No January Friday

Fun because of the Frank Runyeon presentation.

• Vacation Bible School.. work with set design starts in


• Good Friday Bible School (4/3/15, 12-3 p.m.) Planning

begins in February, Pre-registration in March.

• Youth Ministry (Elaine Cervera) Christmas gathering

with the group and a visit to Sunrise Senior Living

Center to sing Christmas carols.

• January- joined with over 400 teens from across the

AOD to serve several agencies in Detroit in

remembrance of MLK. Our teens, including Parish

Council member, Jack Alfs, joined others at the St.

Dominic Outreach Center.

• The teen bake sale held 1/24-1/25 was held to offset

the cost of attending the CYO Rainbow conference in

Detroit 2/7-2/8. Enough funds were raised to cover

the cost for all teens interested in attending. Currently

5 teens will go for sure.

B. Evangelization


• Submitted by Marcia Ouellette

• The following groups were helped by the giving of

Christ, Our Light! parishioners during the Christmas

time of Giving… 1. Special Needs at Christ, Our Light!

2. St. Luke 3. Macomb, Oakland Reach-Out Center 4.

Corpus Christi Parish 5. 4 selected families from

within the community 6. Justice initiative Program.

• Betty Sheehan facilitated a Day of Reflection on

December 17th. The reflection centered around our

own individual Faith Journey as it compared to the


• Rediscover Catholicism All parish families were given

the opportunity to take this free book. 700 copies

were made available over the Christmas weekend.

Plans are being made for discussion groups to meet

about this book.

• The evening with Frank Runyeon was well attended by

160 individuals on Saturday, January 10th. Frank

shared the Gospel of Luke: Stories on the Road. It

was well received.

• Upcoming events… Baby Bottle Drive for “Precious

Feet” infants January 31- February 1 … Adult Bible

Study (Wednesdays Feb. 4, 11, 18, and 25th.)…

Evangelization Gathering (Thursday 2/12/15 at 6:30 in

Parish Hall.)…Marriage /Family Weekend (2/14-


C. Vicarate Report


• Tony didn’t have an official report but did comment

that Christ, Our Light! has a budget with the Vicariate.

Tony offered to forward information that could be

helpful to Kaitlin for the Young Adults Group from the


1. IV. New business: Kaitlin reported that she brought three friends to church with her

last weekend and they all enjoyed the experience… the music, the sermon, the

friendliness of the people, etc. They may be returning soon. Pat mentioned that some

of the new members listed in The Spotlight were former members of St. Columban who

had moved to St. Hugo or St. Thomas Moore churches. They have found their way back

because of the church we are.

2. V. Pat mentioned a Lenten calendar idea that had been used years ago at St.

Columban’s. She will talk with MaryAnn about sending it in the letter going to homes in

the parish along with other Lenten announcements.

3. VI. Closing prayer by Father Don

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Dobosenski