Council Meeting, February, 2015

Christ, Our Light! Parish

Pastoral Council Meeting

MINUTES February 17,

2015 7:00PM CHRIST, OUR


Meeting called


Father Don Demmer

Chairperson Jerry Rauch



Mike Parker

Secretary Pat Dobosenski


Paul Bozymowski, Pat Dobosenski, Judy Kline, Mike Parker,

Kaitlin Popielarz, Lori Andrzejewski, Marcia Ouellette, Karen

Roush, Linda Capp, Beth Gooch, Don Farrell, Tony DiMarco,

Elaine Cervera, and Marisa Burt,

Absent Jack Alfes, and Jerry Rauch

1. I. Opening Prayer by Father Don. Mike Parker, our Vice-

Chairperson, called the meeting to order after mention of Jerry

Rauch’s email stating he would be unable to attend tonight’s

meeting. The January minutes were corrected to spell Jack Alfes

name correctly, a sentence was removed from the Vicariate Report

which stated that Tony would learn more about how the Vicariate

Budget monies are to be spent. Don Farrell wanted to be sure we

understood that the Vicariate collects money from all the parishes and

the Vicariate decides how the money is to be spent. Don also

corrected the minutes by making sure the note the secretary added to

the end of the minutes about the Vicariate survey be eliminated since

the minutes are to be a history of what occurred at the meeting and

that note was just a tag to remind us of unfinished business left from

the November meeting. But it did not happen at the January

meeting. It has been removed.

2. II. Old Business 1. Kaitlin Popielarz mentioned that Bob

Mervak, Isabel Mervak, and Jim Nelson would be at the Onyx in Royal

Oak on February 28th and the Christ, Our Light! Young Adults group

will be meeting there. She also connected with Marilyn, the Our Lady

of Sorrows’ young adult coordinator. Their group is invited to attend

too. 2. Vicariate Survey-after a discussion of the Vicariate Survey

Summary, it was decided that we have many of the programs in place

and that sometimes parishioners are not aware of them. Even at the

weekends where we have representatives from various commissions

and groups available in the center, people are reluctant to sign up or

commit. Often times this means they don’t know what is really

happening in the Parish. As mentioned before 20% of the people do

80% of the work. No complaints; that is the way it is in most

organizations. Paul mentioned that St. Andrew’s sends out an “Email

Blast” on Wednesdays with the events happening on the next

weekend. It is an email you have to sign up for but it keeps you

current and possibly more involved. It would be good to have a

notification of deaths in the parish so that you wouldn’t hear on

Sunday that someone had died and been buried during the week and

you would have wanted to go had you known. Beth wondered if this

kind of current information could be on the website. MaryAnn supplies

the information on the website. Sheryl Lewis updates the site. People

would have to go to the website regularly to get this information. The

“Blast” could bring the information to us directly and would be

current. We should look into a signup for this kind of system. Paul will

check with St. Andrew’s and Beth will check with her children’s school

to see how this is set up.

1. Commission Reports

A. education



Beth Gooch and Malisa Burt presented the following:

Religious Education (JoAnn Bonahoom)

We had our Lenten Assembly and introduced the Rice

Bowl program on Monday, February 9. Students were issued

Rice Bowls and will contribute through Catholic Relief Services to

countries in need. The goal of the CRS Rice Bowl Program is to

help these countries become more self-sufficient employing a

variety of methods and programs. Countries this year include

Tanzania, Nicaragua, Niger and Lebanon.

For the remainder of February and for the month of March,

we will be focusing or reflecting on the season of Lent and finish

March with the study of Holy Week. There will be two First

Eucharist events held on March 10 and March 28 for First

Eucharist students and their parents. Parents of First Eucharist

students met with Father on February 5 and are committed to

partnering with our staff in the First Eucharist home preparation


In addition to our Monday night program which includes

second through fourth grades, we have nine additional students

preparing for First Eucharist on May 2. Two of these students will

be baptized at the Easter Vigil.

Family Life (Malisa Burt/Beth Gooch)

Elementary/ Liturgy of the Word For Children (11am


Rotating parent/teen leaders can use SignUp Genius or

contact Beth Gooch. A training session was proposed to

include teens who would like to lead in

this ministry.

Family Fun Fridays (Quarterly, dates TBA)

Family Fun will be changed to a quarterly event focusing

on a seasonal theme.

Vacation Bible School:

Setdesign/planning meeting with Shrine will take place the

3rd week in February.

Good Friday Bible School(4/3/15, 12-

3pm): Planning will begin February. Preregistration

will open in March. All are welcome. (Kaitlin

P. will help Elaine this day since Beth and Malisa will be out of


Youth Ministry: (Elaine


With the support of the Christ Our Light parish we sent 5

teens and 2 adults to attend the Catholic Youth Organization

Rainbow XXX111conference. The teens enjoyed the fellowship

of over 1500 teens that also attended this years

conference. They attended informative classes to learn more

about their Catholic Faith which included topics that ranged from

"What would Jesus do?" to "Is it Cool to be Catholic". We

enjoyed an amazing Liturgy with almost 2000 others celebrated

by Archbishop Vigneron, what an incredible sight to see

that many young people living their faith with each other. 2 days

of singing, dancing, prayer & worship were a blessing to everyone

in attendance.

The kids came home tired but with hearts and minds filled with the

Love of Christ.

This past weekend of Feb. 14th-15th, the Ashe Family (Bill

& Christie) generously donated Paczki's they picked up in

Hamtramck to be sold by the youth group after each mass. The

Ashe family asked that the proceeds from the sale be given to the

youth group. The proceeds from sale was $500.

B. Evangelization


• Submitted by Marcia Ouellette

• Evangelization exceeds its expectations for the month of

February. The theme of love and forgiveness has been

woven through our scheduled events.

• Forty-four homebound were blessed by the four

Valentines they each received in the mail from the

parishioners who graciously chose from the 176

handmade hearts which decorated our “caring tree” in the

back of the church.

• Our four week Adult Bible Study classes continue to meet

on Wednesday mornings from 10-noon in our gathering

space. We have chosen the movie, “Restless Heart”,

which focuses on the Confessions of St. Augustine. A

lively discussion using Scripture readings and questions

from the movie provided fellowship for all.

• Forty-five attended our monthly Evangelization

gathering. We opened the Lenten Season with social,

song, prayer, and worship and presentation with speaker,

Kerry Shook. Through the expression of music and

artistry, we saw that the gift of love and the gift of

forgiveness are entwined in the Sacrifice of our Savior,

Jesus Christ.

• Our kick off for Right to Life/Life Span began with our

“baby bottle” offerings. Monies collected go toward

helping those mothers and babies in need. A baby

shower is being held on March 1, 2015 from 2-4:00 p.m.

at Christ, Our Light! Donations of new or gently used

baby clothes, baby items, diapers, etc., can be brought to

the church and dropped off at either “decorated

entrances” of the church before that date or when you

attend the shower. (Right to Life will be in Ferndale this

Lent. CoL! will be walking on Mondays.)

• Our Lenten Soup luncheons will begin this Friday,

February 20th, following the 12:05 p.m. mass. We are

grateful to those who provide the soup and recipes to

share with the community.

C. Vicarate Report


• Sr. Janet Schaeffler presented a Lenten Reflection

connecting Lent, Easter, and Passover.

• Sr. Janet Schaeffler also gave a presentation on Lay

Leadership. Sr. Janet debunked several myths regarding

Lay Leaders as well as giving us 3 traits of

Leaders. 1. People of Prayer 2. Become sign of

times 3. Tell the truth.

• Mission Statement- Once again Dcn. Bill Kolarik lead the

SOV through the finalization of our Mission

Statement… Called to share Christ in and through the

Church, the South Oakland Vicariate will use our

gifts, talents and resources to provide opportunities

that enrich and inspire all as we work to fulfill the

seven mission priorities of the Archdiocese of


• Mary Lambrix reported all parishes in the Vicariate have

contributed to the Vicariate.

• Vicar Fr. Mark S. Brauer gave this Presbyteral Council

Report… Priest Life and Formation recommended a 1.5%

salary increase for Priests in the coming fiscal year. AOD

Human Resources (Pam Beech) recommends parish and

school staff be given a 2% wage increase, providing the

parishes have the financial means to do so. Central

Services moved their offices on February 11 and 12. The

new offices opened on February 13th. The School Plan

has been approved by the Archbishop. Kathleen McCann

has been tasked with implementing the new plan and with

determining new ways to fund Catholic education. The

new plan calls for he formation of Regional School

Boards. These boards will be tasked with ensuring the

schools are viable and healthy.

D. Worship Report


• Christ, Our Light! Parish 2015 Lenten

Schedule “Lent comes… to reawaken us, to shake

us from our lethargy.” -Pope Francis

• Ashes will be imposed Ash Wednesday, February

18 at 7:15 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 12:05 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

• With the Ash Wednesday call to repentance we begin

our sacred 40 day journey into the desert of our own

hearts t look within, face our sins, and ask for God’s

mercy. It is a time to reflect on the dying and rising of

Jesus that has made our salvation possible. It is a

time to purify, cleanse, and nourish our bodies, minds,

and souls.

• Time for Prayer- Faithfully reading from the “Five

Minutes with the Word” booklet. Attending Mass

during the week beyond the Sunday obligation;

Weekday Masses: Tuesday, Wednesday, and

Thursday at 9 a.m. Friday at 12:05 followed by a

homemade soup luncheon. An additional evening

Mass during Lent on Wednesdays at 6. Stations of

the Cross at 7 on Fridays of lent except on Good


• Almsgiving- Four charities have been selected for our

Parish Community Focus. 1. A Vision for Clean

Water, 2. Summer Camp, 3. Operation Rice

Bowls, and 4. 40 Days for Life

• A time for Fasting and Abstinence- Everyone 14 years

of age or over is bound to abstain from meat on Ash

Wednesday and ALL the Fridays of Lent. Everyone

18 years of age and under 59 is bound to fast on Ash

Wednesday and Good Friday, meaning only one full,

meatless meal and two other smaller, meatless

meals. Eating between meals is not allowed on these

two days.

1. IV. New business: 1. Mike mentioned that we should get moving our our Christ, Our

Light! Mission statement. Beth suggested we start with our combined two mission

statements from St. Columban’s and St. Alan’s. 2. Beth wondered if we could contact

the new parishioners as they register to let them know what programs we have to offer. It

was decided that groups should prepare a hand out that could be included in a “Welcome

to Christ, Our Light! Packet” that would be given to new parishioners as they

register. There would be a special section for those families with children. Each

commission is responsible for making their handout. 3. Pat said that a parishioner had

raised a concern with her about the difficulty older or disabled individuals have getting

into church. She wondered if there are plans to make a closer access to the building to

eliminate some of the distance that needs to be covered to get from the car to the church

door. Father Don spoke of the covered (canvas or fabric) walkway that is coming. He

said you will be able to drive up to the start of it and have a protected path into

church. He also remarked that there are wheelchairs for individuals who might need

them available right inside the building. 4. Tony mentioned the SOS (South Oakland

Shelter) dinner to be hosted by Christ, Our Light! at Our Shepherd Lutheran

Church. This activity goes back many years and gives us a chance to participate in SOS

even though we don’t have facility to accommodate them. Our Shepherd allows us to

prepare an evening meal as well as sandwiches for the people to take to work with them

the next day. Elaine Cervera and the teens will be hosting at the meal as a community

service project. 5. A short discussion was brought up about the atrocities happening in

Libya and the Middle East. Father said something about it at the Sunday masses last

weekend. Kaitlin suggested we look into having or attending an Interfaith Council like she

was able to attend at MSU during college. Someone suggested she contact Chris

Gautwell to find out what is going on in this area in the AOD. 6. Our next meeting is

Tuesday, March 17th.

2. V. Closing prayer by Father Don

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Dobosenski