Council Meeting, April, 2015

Christ, Our Light! Parish Pastoral

Council Meeting

MINUTES April 21, 2015 7:00PM CHRIST, OUR


Meeting called by Father Don Demmer

Chairperson Jerry Rauch

Vice-Chairperson Mike Parker

Secretary Pat Dobosenski


Lori Andrzejewski, Paul Bozymowski, Pat Dobosenski, Judy

Kline, Mike Parker, Kaitlin Popielarz, Jerry Rauch, Malisa

Burt, Don Farrell, Tony DiMarco, Marcia Ouellette, Karen

Roush, Beth Gooch

Absent Jack Alfes

I. Opening Prayer by Father Don and Welcome

1. Approval of March Minutes- Move to approve by Mike Parker, seconded and


2. Old Business- A.) Mission Statement- Lori had emailed the mission statement

we had discussed at the March meeting with revisions. It was finalized by the

commission. Don moved we accept it. Mike seconded. Motioned

passed. The Mission Statement for Christ, Our Light! parish

is Christ, Our Light!

is a Catholic community of Christians who have come together to be the Light

of Christ by celebrating the Eucharist and by sharing the Good News and Love

of God. Our Mission is to support our parish ministries and stewardship to

encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to educate and facilitate growth

in their personal faith.

B.) Father reported that Email Blasts were being worked on. The software for this

communication is available and our web master will take care of it.

1. Parish Council Member reports: Young Adult Group Minutes April 2015

There have been no activities this past month for the Young Adult Group. It's been

difficult to gather numbers and to get a group going so I met with Chris Gawel, director

of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, at the AOD.

Chris' suggestions were:

• Don't limit to just our parish. Branch out.

• When making announcements, be sure to add the phrase, “Do you know a

young adult or someone who would be interested?” because many young

adults do not go to church on a regular basis.

• When planning activities or outings, don't be afraid of the weekends. Growing

trend that Friday and Sunday evenings work great for adults.

• A great idea would be to have a monthly speaker and dinner. Many parishes

do this after the Saturday evening mass.

• Check out “ID 916” ( - a young adult community

outreach program that is growing nationwide. Will have a lot of ideas,

suggestions, etc. Their big focus is to have a monthly gathering and then

branch out into small groups once you have the numbers.

• Check out St. Francis of Assisi Young Adult Group in Ann Arbor for ideas.

They also live stream monthly talks that they host at their parish.

• Make phone calls to other parishes in Troy … see what is going on, give

information, and network with pastors, youth ministers, young adult ministers.

• It takes TIME.

Going forward:

• What are your thoughts?

• I will be making connections and reaching out to local parishes to see about

joining forces, find out what events they host, and ideas they have to offer.

• Planning an event around another local parish or our own. Would Friday,

Saturday, or Sunday evenings be possible for a gathering at COL?

Thank you!


Kaitlin Popielarz

• Kaitlyn led a discussion of the items in this report. It was suggested that she

encourage young adult parishioners to join her after mass for coffee and

donuts. Also Jerry said the Theology on Tap is a good place to gather.

1. Commission Reports

A. education commission


Education Commission Minutes

April 2015

Religious Education (JoAnn Bonahoom)

Students had two weeks off in April for Easter break, so it was

a short month, but full of Lenten activities and preparation for

Holy Week and Easter.

• Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl Collections for

Almsgiving amounted to $1147.75. Students and

families were very receptive and generous.

• Our Lenten preparation included a greater

concentration on prayer: individual, meditative and

traditional prayer was practiced and encouraged.

• Two of our students, Beth Clouse and Michael Knight,

were baptized at the Easter Vigil. One additional

student will be baptized after 11AM Mass on April 26.

• First Eucharist Preparation continues. The Baking

Bread or “Bread of Life” Family Day was held on

Saturday, March 28. It was a beautiful family

experience for all.

• First Eucharist Mass will be at 10AM on Saturday, May

2. Two families will receive First Eucharist at 11AM

Mass on April 26. In total, 19 children will receive First

Eucharist spanning from grade 2 – grade 10. We are

blessed to have older children and teens seeking and

deepening their faith through the sacraments.

• Our final day of Monday Religious Formation this year

will be on Monday, May 4. We will celebrate with a

May crowning in Church and ice cream treat (hopefully

outdoors – weather permitting)

Family Life

Family Fun Fridays (Quarterly, Friday 7pm): next event will

take place in June, TBA Vacation Bible School: (7/13-

7/17/15, 9am-12noon)

Setdesign with Shrine has begun, the theme is “Everest”. We

are in need of refrigerator boxes, carpet tubes, donated hiking

equipment/props and volunteers interested in paper cutting

activities and sewing rod pockets on small base camp

flags. Registration set for June.

Good Friday Bible School(4/3/15, 12-


This year was well attended with 30 participants & 12

volunteers. Projects and activities were related to

theme: “Forgiveness”.

Youth Ministry: (Elaine


The youth group held a meeting last Sunday April 19th (Unable

to hold regular meeting due to Easter) At this meeting the

teens planned their calendar through June, including plans for

a "Summer" Bible study in lieu of regular Youth Group. The

next meeting will be held April 26th 5-7pm. The upcoming

Timothy Awards will see 6 Christ Our Light teens that are

involved in parish life receive recognition for their efforts. One

teen will receive an "Award of Excellence" for the work they do

at Christ Our Light. This years Award of Excellence teen is

Alaina Burt. She has volunteered with GFBS, VBS, a

Catechist and volunteers in several community activities. The

youth group is also making plans for fundraising of some kind

to help offset the costs of the Nov. National Youth Conference

being held in Indianapolis.

"Passing on the Faith" presentation is scheduled for

Thursday, April 23, at 7PM at Christ, Our Light!. Sponsored

by the AOD Department of Youth /Young Adult Ministry

streamlined for parents of today. It will address practical

issues such as how to talk to your children about faith and

Catholic tradition, how to model the faith and associated values

as parents, and provide inspiration to motivate your children

and future generations.

B. Evangelization



April 17, 2015

April brought great opportunities for both Outreach and

Evangelization opportunities:

A. Every name was taken from our Easter egg tree display

and those, either ill or homebound, were touched by the many

cards they received from our parishioners.

B. Over 200 Easter baskets were given to the following


Sister Marie Roy who services 12 families from downtown


25 Adult men and women from M.O.R.C.

7 Families from Christ, Our Light! parish

Angels Place Group

On My Own Group

Children at St. Damien of Molokai Parish in Pontiac

C. Deacon Brian Conner was guest speaker at our

Evangelization gathering on March 12th and did a marvelous

presentation on the Mystery of the Trinity.

D. On March 25th. Betty Sheehan facilitated a day of

Reflection. The focus of the day centered on the Feast of the

Incarnation. Table sharing was very fruitful and presentations

by our groups offered ways that we, too, could be Jesus Christ

in our present world.

E. On April 16th. Our Evangelization gathering celebrated

with very special prayer service honoring all peoples to “come

to the table of the Lord”. Following we were treated with

viewing a great documentary on the “Miracles of the Body and

Christ Of our Savior, Jesus Christ”

F. Our Christian Service Committee continues to make a

difference in the lives of those who have lost loved ones by

providing funeral lunches as needed.

Respectfully submitted by Marcia Ouellette and Betty Sheehan


week was successful with many, many people

coming to the communal penance services and all of

the Holy week services as well as large attendance

at the Easter Masses. Father commented on the

combined 9:30 and 11 o’clock choirs for Holy

Thursday and Easter Vigil. The possibility of

switching the Wednesday morning mass for a

Wednesday evening mass as was done during Lent

is being considered. It won’t happen until Fall at the

earliest, if then.

D. Vicarate Report

• The Vicariate met at St. Thomas More last month

and Christ, Our Light! will host the meeting on April

28th. Don reported that CSA will be starting next month

in all the parishes. Those that don’t make their goal

will be assessed the remainder. Jerry inquired if the

Vicariate did a matrix on Christian Service. What kind

of activities happen in other parishes with Christian

Service? He will check to see if there is a matrix. Don

and Tony said that often reports are made about the

kinds of activities happening in individual parishes

through Christian Service but nothing prepared in a

matrix as far as they knew.

E. Finance Report

• Karen Roush, from the Parish Finance Council was

present to report on what is happening with the

budget. The council is working on finalization of the

budget next month. Everything seems to be on point for

the budget. Everything looks good for the next 9

months. The council is considering all of the updates

Father proposed to the Parish Council in the March


• The Finance Council is moving forward according to

AOD directives.

1. New business: 1.) Paul mentioned a DVD set from Ascension Press. It features a teen

look at the Mass. Paul will give the information to Father who will give it to JoAnn for

consideration. 2.)Jerry

wondered how Christ, Our Light! is doing compared to the two parishes, St. Alan and St.

Columban’s, who merged… numbers of families, etc. He was told that we are

maintaining or slightly increasing our numbers. People are getting involved as they

become members of their “new” community. 3.) Pat checked on the status of the 2015

directories. Father said they are in process. 4.) Pat was asked to inquire who

writes/selects the Prayers of the Faithful at weekend masses. Father said MaryAnn

selects them from a book of suggested prayers. 5.) Pat mentioned that the American

Red Cross would like to acknowledge her and the blood donors from Christ, Our Light! for

the outstanding contribution that has been made to the blood supply in our local

community hospitals for many, many years. Representatives from American Red Cross

will be present at the 8 a.m. Mass at Christ, Our Light! on Sunday, June 7th. They will

move on to Our Shepherd for a similar presentation there at Our Shepherd’s 11 o’clock


2. Pastor’s remarks: Our new CSA goal for this year is $125,000. Adjustments are being

made in the budget but proposals for landscaping, facia on building, parking lot

replacement, and bathrooms will be covered. Bids are still coming in and decisions being

made. The children’s playground will be materializing in the near future. Stakes are in

place for the area. Ground covering and structures will be in place soon.

3. Closing prayer by Father Don

4. Meeting adjourned at 7:55.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Dobosenski