Council Meeting, September, 2017

Attendees: Father, Tony Gallucci, Tony Dimarco, Lori Andrzejewski-Hall, Malisa Burt, Judy Kline, Mike Parker

7:00-7:05         open meeting with a prayer.

7:10-7:30         Old Business

Father recapped the progress on the building structural improvents completed and those in the works. Work on the redesign of the front entryway is still undetermined.


7:30-7:45         Commission Reports

  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Education
  • Religious Ed –

Malisa reported on the current status of the youth ministry. The report copy is attached.

  • Family Life for most families.
  • Youth Ministry
  • Evangelization
  • Worship
  • Vicariate –

Tony reported on the previous meeting (May 2017) with the vicariate and noted no new progress.


7:45-8:00     New Business:


The Welcoming Committee SOP procedure to be approved and implemented the weekend of Sept 30-Oct. 1 2017 to officially welcome new parish members and recent RCIA converts.


   8:00             A motion was made to adjurn the meeting byt Tony Dimarco and seconded                        Judy Kline. Final Blessing and Adjournment