Council, Commissions Minutes, October, 2017

Christ, Our Light!

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017

Attendees: Lori Andrzejewski-Hall, Tony Gallucci, Judy Kline, Malisa Burt, Beth Gooch, Marsha Ouellette, Mike Parker

7:00-7:05         Open meeting with a prayer.

7:00-7:10         Approval of Sept. Council Meeting Minutes.

                         Motion to Approve: Tony, Motion Seconded: Lori. Motion passed

7:10-7:30         Old Business:

The Welcoming Committee missed the initial implemention for the weekend of Sept 30-Oct. 1 2017 to officially welcome new parish members and recent RCIA converts. We will move forward and have re-scheduled for the weekend of November 4-5. Each Mass to be staffed by at least 1 member of the Parish Council and 1 member of the Parish Staff. Parish Members at large will be encouraged, but not mandatory.


We will have a Welcoming table at each Mass, in the Social Hall each first weekend of the new month.


7:30-7:45         Commission Reports: See attached

  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Education
    • Religious Ed
    • Family Life for most families.
    • Youth Ministry
    • Evangelization
  • Worship


7:45-8:00     New Business:



8:00             Motion to adjourn: Tony, Motion seconded: Judy.


   8:00            Final Blessing and Adjournment