Council and Commission Meeting, April, 2016

April 26, 20167:00PM CHRIST, OUR LIGHT!

Meeting called by Father Don Demmer

Chairperson Mike Parker


Secretary Pat Dobosenski


Lori Andrzejewski, Malisa Burt, Paul Bozymowski, Tony DiMarco, Pat Dobosenski,

Don Farrell, Beth Gooch, Judy Kline, Mike Parker, Marcia Ouellette, and Teresa



Jack Alfes

I. Opening Prayer by Father Don and Welcome- The meeting started at 7:02 p.m.

II. Approval of Minutes- No corrections. Motion by Don to accept minutes from March 15

III. 2016, our last Parish Pastoral Council Meeting, seconded by Judy.

IV. Old Business- 1. Council Elections- Father reported that there is an announcement in

this weekend’s Spotlight. We determined we need four new members: One for Jerry, Paul,

Jack?, and Pat. 2. Understanding the Mass- The book by Matt Kelley that Evangelization was

considering for distribution later this year. Paul reported that he isn’t as enthusiastic about the

book as he once was. The acquisition of the book for distribution is on hold. 3. Status of the

building work in progress- weather has slowed things but the brickwork is coming along on the

entrance. The windows and doors are being readied for installation. There will be a circle drive

put in place when entrance is complete. The parking lot will be replaced in the fall.

V. Commission Reports

A. Education


Education Commission Minutes

April 2016- emailed to members and elaborated

upon by Beth Gooch at the meeting.

Religious Education

This March, students participated in a Lenten Giving

Project of raising money for “A Vision for Clean

Water”. Students and families embraced the project, setting

classroom goals and rewards and learning more about the

need for clean water in many areas of our world. $2000 was

raised. On March 13, our catechists performed the Stations of

the Cross as a family gathering for students, parents, and

interested parishioners. On March 25, Good Friday, many

students attended and many middle school students attended

Good Friday Bible School and participated in the Veneration of

the Cross and Eucharist within the parish service. 7th and

8th grade students attended the Come, Encounter Christ liturgy

at St. Hugo during a Monday night session. Generally, our

March was concentrated on Lenten practices, mass

attendance, and Holy Week.

In April, our First Eucharist students have been working

hard to prepare for their First Holy Communion (April

30). Parents and students met on April 14 to review the

material (parents) and make First Eucharist plates

(candidates). On April 23, we held our Baking Bread

event. Meaningful lessons, practices and prayers were all part

of their study. Confirmation students have been working on

beginning their service projects and committing the Creed to

memory. Classrooms also enjoyed celebrations for reaching

their goal in Lenten giving.

Family Life

Children’s Liturgy of The Word (11am Mass/Beth Gooch)

We have 2 teens as new leaders. with a weekly

attendance of 6-10 students.

Vacation Bible School: (7/18-7/22/16, 9am-12noon)

“Cavern” Themed, planning set design with Shrine

Church has begun.

Good Friday Bible School: (03/25/16, 12-3pm/Malisa Burt)

Topic: Mercy. Took place on March 25th, with

approximately 55 children and 15 teen/adult

volunteers in attendance.

High School Youth Ministry: (Every other Sunday, 6-

8pm/Elaine Cervera)



April 24 2:30-5 PM: Timothy Youth Appreciation Awards at

St. Fabian Farmington Hills

May 1 6-8PM: Youth Group Meeting At Christ, Our Light!

May 8: No meeting HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOMS!

May 15: Service Sunday Feeding the Homeless

May 29: No meeting Happy Memorial Weekend

Young Adult Opportunity:

Soccer June 4 - August 6

Bishop Foley High School 32000 N Campbell Madison

Heights, 48071

Registration begins mid-April

To find Young Adults Events throughout Metro Detroit:, Please

“Like”, the “ArchDiocese of Detroit Young Adult and Campus

Ministry” Face Book Group

Special Needs

During the month of March the students acted out the

Gospels and worked on lessons concerning Lent. The Prayer

Services culminated with a reenactment of the Last Supper

which was deeply moving.

Brunch With the Bunny followed the Service and included

food, music and dancing. The families really enjoy talking with

one another and interacting with the students. We are very

happy to have three young students this year, they always

bring joy to the group.

Our Christian Service Projects involved making Easter

Baskets for the needy, collecting socks and dish towels for Sr.

Marie Roy's Ministry and sending cards to the Homebound.

WE are working on music for our program and Sr. Karen

Hawver came to class to teach us "I Have a Dream."

On April 30 the adults affiliated with the program are touring

The Father Solanus Casey Center.

We will culminate our year on May 14 with a Celebration. It

will include a May Crowning, a volunteer thank you and a

Graduation Party for members of our group who are completing

their schooling.

We will discuss if any of the families want to commit to

Vacation Bible School like we had last year.

May 16 will be the date for the Catechists Dinner and a

Professional Development opportunity. Sharon Smith is

coming to speak with all of the Catechists from Christ, Our

Light! about classroom management.

Respectfully submitted by Pam La Grassa

B. Evangelization


Christian Service

April 2016- Marcia Ouellette

The Lenten soup luncheons, with donations to St. Vincent de

Paul, were enjoyed by many after Friday noon Masses.

Donuts on Sunday resumed after Easter.

Wee Care Right to Life Baby Shower was on April 10th. There

were 3 tables of clothes, hand crochet and knit blankets,

diapers, and even a car seat donated. Baby clothes on

hangers hung from all the lights in the social hall. $1,572 was

donated also. We had a light lunch, refreshments, and a great

speaker explaining where these clothes and help go.

The last session of Bible Study will be tomorrow, 4/27/16.

Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Ouellette

C. Vicariate Report

§ Tony and Don reported that the meetings for the last two months have been


§ The Vicariate Website is something that Christ, Our Light! parishioners should be

aware of. We can publicize our events there as well as see what other parishes are

doing. the

web address. Tony strongly encourages us to take advantage of the Vicariate

resources. Maybe we can find what other parishes are reading and sharing with their

parishioners. Maybe we can take advantage of the access downtown has for

speakers and resources we don’t have. Lori asked what the Vicariate can do for

Christ, Our Light!

1. Finance Report- The committee met the 2nd week after Easter and everything checked

out. The preliminary budget was presented to the Finance Council and they went over all

the things they are responsible for. Father says, “We are pretty healthy.” We are still not

going into savings, even with all the changes being made around Christ, Our Light! CSA

starts this weekend. Our goal has been set and is up about $2000- $3000 from last

year. (Which we didn’t reach so had to take from our parish resources.) The reason for

the increase is our continually increasing parish membership. We are now at “about 840

strong”. We will observe a 7-minute film about CSA at masses this weekend to start the


2. New Business: 1. Amazing Parish Summary… A consensus from Mike, Teresa, and

Father was that “It was a very good conference!” (David Minnick was the fourth member

of the team.) There were over 1000 people there, involving over 200 parishes from the

AOD. These were professional marketers with plenty of good ideas. There was forced

decision making. Teams were not allowed out of the room until they had made a

commitment. They learned from other parishes what they had tried… what worked, what

didn’t work. There was a lot of sharing. Christ, Our Light!’s decision was to, in some

fashion, “involve our new parishioners” in a variety of ways. The AOD/ Amazing Parish

group will contact us in about 6 months to see if we are doing what we said we would do

and how it is going. We are responsible to make a change and to be more

inclusive. So, possibly once a quarter all new parishioners would be invited to gather

after designated masses. They would have an opportunity to meet other parishioners

who had been in the parish longer. They would be warmly welcomed. Another venue for

involving these more recently joined parishioners would be to have them bring up the

gifts during mass and being recognized at the parish picnic. Teresa has some concrete

ideas and plans to put some into action. As Father said, “Our purpose is to grow- going

out of our doors- making disciples- instead of merely maintaining and existing. We want

to constantly bring more people in.” (It appeared that even though the sessions each day

were demanding, our group had a great time together!) An added note was that the

Christian music performed by Matt Maher was very well received too. 2. Pentecost is

May 15th and our next Parish Council meeting is May 17th. Mike will be out of town and

someone will stand in for him, rather than changing the council meeting date.

VII. Closing prayer by Father Don

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 7:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Dobosenski