In 2013 the former Michigan parishes of Saint Columban, Birmingham, and Saint Alan, Troy, merged at the site of the latter, and Christ, Our Light! was born.  Although the new community honored the traditions of its predecessors, it has taken on an identity all its own. 


Members and visitors are welcomed by a garden and walkway that offer seating for quiet meditation or informal conversation, as well as a path where one can pray the Stations of the Cross.  Interior renovations have made it possible to accommodate a growing community.  There is a beautifully appointed Social Hall that provides space for Religious Education classes for youth, Special Needs students and adults.  It is also the site of numerous committee meetings, group projects and social gatherings.  Each season there are special events to offer the parish family ways of confirming their commitment to God and community.


At the heart of the parish is worship.  The Christ, Our Light! family, as well as  its many visitors,  finds strength and support in the sacraments and in the words of homilies that offer insight, compassion and direction.


The history of Christ, Our Light! is in the making!