Pre-school Curriculum, Based Upon the Sunday Gospel

Our pre-school curriculum is based on the Sunday Gospel. Students do not have to attend every session and may come to the 9:30 or 11 AM sessions interchangeably– whatever works best for the family. Early formation is a gift you may give your children. It helps them become aware of God’s presence in their lives.

 What happens at pre-school? When children arrive, they are greeted by their teacher. They are given a name tag and a coloring page related to the lesson of the day. They may color while waiting for the class to convene. When class begins officially, there is a reading of the Gospel in their language – at their level of understanding, followed by a discussion. There may be a second story in current time to reinforce the lesson.  After the readings, there is a stretching exercise before they return to their tables. Crafts and exercises related to the Gospel teaching are given. At the conclusion of the exercise, a DVD is started.

 A snack is provided for 9:30AM in the social hall (juice box, donut holes & graham crackers) and for 11AM in the classroom (juicebox, graham crackers and goldfish). Please make the staff aware of any food allergies.

We close our session with a prayer. Come try us out! We welcome you!