Liturgy of the Word for Children, An In-depth Look at Our Program

What is LWC and why should I volunteer for the program? LWC is Liturgy of the Word for Children. It is a program offered at Christ, Our Light! during the 11 AM Mass for children in grades 1-6. It is run by Family Life or volunteers who advocate for families and passing on the faith to children. LWC is a lectionary-based program whereby the Gospel is read to children in language and terminology that they will understand. It follows with age-appropriate discussion and activity. How does the program work? When a volunteer leader is available, he or she leads interested children in grades 1-6 from the Church after the Gathering or Opening of the Mass. Once settled in a classroom, the leader will greet the children and read the Gospel. He will lead a discussion after the reading and explore a provided activity. This is a 15-minute program and children return to their families during the Offertory portion of the Mass.

This program provides the children with the background and reflection for the particular liturgical season or celebration by utilizing the Sunday Gospel reading and exploring it on their own terms and at their own level. It helps them establish their own Catholic Identity. The effectiveness of any program is dependent upon consistency.

The program needs volunteers to be effective. Why volunteer? If you’re a parent, you are modeling the Catholic faith to your children and others. You are becoming an active part of their faith journey. If you are a teen, you also serve as a model, and the experience will help you explore and determine your talents and direction in the Church. If you are a grandparent or parishioner, you will serve and model your love of God by proclaiming the Word to children, and in doing so, enrich your own journey. Please consider volunteering for LWC. Training is available. (You will need to attend a Protecting God’s Children or Called to Serve workshop). If interested please contact Beth Gooch at